Saturday, June 5, 2010

trimming the fat

i have no idea who actually reads this, but here's some news:

i played drums at the alex chilton tribute show last week at cat's cradle! here's a photo:

the second curtains album is pretty much wrapped up. it's an ambient affair, consisting of songs made up of sample manipulation, synth distortion, and stacked vocal loops. when i get some more time and cd-rs, i'll put out a limited run of these, as well as another small run of forget.

there are some new songs that are coming together for the third curtains album, which is looking like more of a distorted soul-jams kinda thing. i'm in a weird zone here.

there are some shows coming up as well, the first of which is in richmond, va, with my pals white laces. more info on that very soon.

in the meantime, enjoy this demo version of "bad math."