Wednesday, September 8, 2010

skeleton keys

hey all

skeleton keys, the second curtains album, has been completely finished and mixed. i'm in talks with a certain label to release a vinyl version of the new stuff; hopefully this pans out. i'll keep my (tiny) loyal readership upated.

i'm working really hard on finishing a new, 8-song cassette for fred thomas's label, life like. i'm extremely honored to be working with one of my musical heroes. i'm hoping the tape comes out in early october as the leaves change along with the mindset of everyone we love.

the tape is called melting, and is an attempt to chronicle a change in the way i think. side a is made up of noisy soul-pop jams, while side b is more ambient, quieter, more underwater.

i will always be someone who examines myself and my psyche. i hope you all enjoy hearing the results.