Tuesday, November 30, 2010


curtains - melting c40

the homie fred thomas is releasing the first physical curtains project this week! it's called melting and it's two sides of weird pop songs and crumbly ambient pools. i'm really proud of it, and even prouder to have it be released by a musician i greatly look up to.

scoot on over to the lifelike and scoop you up a copy. there's only 30, so get one before they're all gone!

the tracklist is:
side a - 1. white hot feeling 2. drove home 3. plotting to kill 4. melted
side b - 5. let you die 6. puddles

there is much, much more music on the way. stay tuned.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

live from versailles

on july 5, i played a show at rachel's house in carrboro with two of my favorite bands/people/friends, sunset and sleep good. my good friend ross gruet joined me on guitar, adding a wonderful depth to the jams. i had not, at this point, figured out how to play these songs without the aid of backing tracks, so ross's guitar sounds were a wonderful addition. at one point, my computer dies, so we had to wing it pretty hard while i fixed the problem.

1. we're ready
2. don't you worry bout me
3. clarity
4. migraines
5. oh fuck, it broke
6. young
7. second hand smoke
8. railroad tracks
9. white hot feeling

my favorite moment is when elie screams out, "kevin shields up in here!!!"

check out sunset and sleep good over at www.autobusrecs.com.

thanks to matthew horne for the sweet photo!