Tuesday, January 25, 2011

gold and gone

this is a cover of city center's song, "gold girls." this version of the song was the first thing i made for my new record (which is taking shape and coming along quite nicely). it features a sample of my friend jillian playing the singing saw in my living room and some serious hiss.

curtains - gold girls

Monday, January 17, 2011

practice makes perfect

i practiced really hard for the show i played on saturday night. it was my first show in four months and i was (understandably) very nervous. i practiced and practiced and practiced, probably to the chagrin of my downstairs neighbors. i recorded each practice and culled together the best moments of those sessions. these versions of the songs are super different from the record versions, which i think keeps the songs fresh and interesting. deconstructing and reconstructing your own songs reveals new things about them you never would have thought about.

anyway, here's a little ep of those jams.
equipment used: line 6 loop pedal, danelectro octave pedal, tambourine, egg shaker, glockenspiel. i think you can hear the dog barking in the first track, too.

1. puddles/don't you worry
2. pink cadillac
3. xmas lights
4. no more sleep


curtains - practice tape ep

sleep good - strange vacations c25

hey everyone! i am really, really pleased to announce the first release on my label dark mom tapes. this first tape is from sleep good, an amazing dream pop band from austin, tx led by will patterson. this tape is something else. side a is dreamy, baroque pop jams and side b is a 10 minute zen/synth zone out. awesome handmade art by rachel.

paypal $6 to crashkills@gmail.com for your copy. this is an edition of 30, so act quickly!

Friday, January 14, 2011

r.i.p. trish keenan

today, i woke up to the really sad news that trish keenan of broadcast had died from pneumonia. it really hurts my heart. what a beautiful, chilling, otherwordly talent. you will be missed.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

the physics of sound and music

physics makes me nervous. i have to understand it in order to get the degree i'm working towards (music technology), but it find it to be such an overwhelming swirl or equations and numbers and formulas and despair. eugh.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

time for firsts

this weekend i'll be playing my first show in asheville. i'm pretty nervous about it. of course, i've played shows before when i've been nervous, but this feels a little different somehow. to add to the hilariousness/nervousness, i'm on the same bill as a cramps cover band at the punk bar in asheville. i'm sure some folks will be scratching their heads as i loop up doo wop harmonies and sing ever so tenderly about feeling lonely. it won't be that bad.

anyway, my friends white laces are touring down from richmond, va, with their homies sundials in tow. seeing those bands is gonna be pretty fun, especially as the whiskey begins to flow.

if you read this blog and actually live in asheville, come check us out. the show's happening on january 15 at the get down in w. asheville at 1045 haywood rd.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

winter everywhere

this is the tree behind my apartment building. it feels like living in a treehouse all year long.