Tuesday, July 13, 2010

i haven't died yet

hello everyone!

i'm so sorry it's been so long between blog posts. i will be updating way more often, je promis.

on july 5th, i played an amazing show with my good friends sunset and sleep good. both bands are amazingly talented and extremely wonderful people from austin, tx. rachel and i were incredibly happy to host them, and i was stoked (as always) to play with them. bill baird is a genius. my friend will patterson is a pop sensation. willis is the nicest dude you'll ever meet. john is pretty, easy to get along with, and a phenom on the drums. please go see them if they come to your city on tour. sunset and sleep good will be on tour for a few more weeks, then sunset hits the west coast with jesse woods. you will be so happy you saw any of these bands.

i will be putting up a recording bill made of my live set from the show on the 5th eventually, but technology has proven to be slightly frustrating.

in lieu of posting a live set, i'm posting a couple of songs for yall. the first song is a new demo of a song i wrote today, entitled "not dead yet." it's about moving on in certain ways. the version on the new record will be bigger and more orchestrated, but there's something very intimate and special about this demo. i hope you all like it.

not dead yet

the second is an ambient jam i made for an ambient/drone record i scrapped. two of the songs will appear on the new curtains record, others will either be reworked or just uploaded here as gifts to the wonderful folks who read this blog.

i recorded this song about 30 minutes after rachel and i got home from asheville, nc. we had a wonderful weekend getting to know our new home and drove back through some gorgeous conditions. on our way out of town, we saw the blue ridge mountain peaks shrouded in fog against a grey sky. it's hard to describe (especially without a photo), but it's an incredible sight. i wanted to capture it somehow, and i think i did an okay job with this particular song. if it doesn't remind of foggy mountains, at least it is somewhat pretty.

driving home

i'm going to figure how to upload this damn live set for you folks.