Saturday, March 3, 2012


here's a couple songs my brother and i made together back in 2007 when i was still making weird rap music. finn made the beats, i did the raps.

march madness
this was an attempt to write a protest song about the iraq war. we recorded the lyrics in finn's little studio at his house in durham. i remember getting really flustered about certain parts of the first verse and staring intently at the urge overkill poster above the door in order to keep calm.

cut in half
this features robert biggers on some seriously clipse-sounding drums (circa hell hath no fury).
we recorded this song in my parents' kitchen, using the pantry as the vocal booth and whiskey as fuel. i was deep in a horror movie phase, so the song was about a killer of some sort. i love how the song just falls apart, especially when finn exclaims right at the end when i just stop rapping altogether. also, title is a reference to this hilarious beck song called "cut in half blues."

hopefully soon we'll be able to release the collaborative record we recorded last year as curtains & chuvaque entitled "the brothers krunkamazov." it's a good record.