Tuesday, December 28, 2010

voices in a lonely void

in case you weren't able to get a copy of the melting cassette, here's a download of it! enjoy!

stay organized

so broken

apparently all the links to ALL of the songs in the blog are totally broken. i've gone through and fixed a lot of the most recent ones, but the older jams need to be re-upped. i'll get all that shit done in the next couple of days. sorry, yall...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

almost works

My friend Josh Carpenter plays bass on this one. I can't get it right, though.


This sticky note appeared in a book that I checked out from UNC-A library. Little found treasure.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


curtains - melting c40

the homie fred thomas is releasing the first physical curtains project this week! it's called melting and it's two sides of weird pop songs and crumbly ambient pools. i'm really proud of it, and even prouder to have it be released by a musician i greatly look up to.

scoot on over to the lifelike and scoop you up a copy. there's only 30, so get one before they're all gone!

the tracklist is:
side a - 1. white hot feeling 2. drove home 3. plotting to kill 4. melted
side b - 5. let you die 6. puddles

there is much, much more music on the way. stay tuned.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

live from versailles

on july 5, i played a show at rachel's house in carrboro with two of my favorite bands/people/friends, sunset and sleep good. my good friend ross gruet joined me on guitar, adding a wonderful depth to the jams. i had not, at this point, figured out how to play these songs without the aid of backing tracks, so ross's guitar sounds were a wonderful addition. at one point, my computer dies, so we had to wing it pretty hard while i fixed the problem.

1. we're ready
2. don't you worry bout me
3. clarity
4. migraines
5. oh fuck, it broke
6. young
7. second hand smoke
8. railroad tracks
9. white hot feeling

my favorite moment is when elie screams out, "kevin shields up in here!!!"

check out sunset and sleep good over at www.autobusrecs.com.

thanks to matthew horne for the sweet photo!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

exciting times

as with all my updates, it's been too long.

exciting times are upon us, dear friends and lovers. i've been extremely busy with school and putting together power moves to remember to update this blog, but i'm waiting for the bus and figured now is as good a time as any.

first, curtains news:
it appears as though i will not have any vinyl out by the end of the year, as previously hoped for. however, there will be three special releases to tide you over until then, all you ravenous curtains fans. firstly, fred thomas's label, LIFELIKE, will be releasing the first curtains cassette, entitled melting. the cassette will be available sometime in november and is totally sweet. secondly, a cassette of two very early ambient jams i made will be released shortly after that on dark mom tapes. also, by the end of september, a split between curtains and chauvaque (finn cohen from the nein) will appear on bandcamp with some special surprises to go along with it.

secondly, other news:
DARK MOM TAPES! this is the name of the new label me and rachel will be running out of our apartment in asheville. the first four releases are rad and just about ready to go. for now, you can head over to dark mom tapes to check out what we have in store. many surprises are ahead!

finally, here's a jam to soak in:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

skeleton keys

hey all

skeleton keys, the second curtains album, has been completely finished and mixed. i'm in talks with a certain label to release a vinyl version of the new stuff; hopefully this pans out. i'll keep my (tiny) loyal readership upated.

i'm working really hard on finishing a new, 8-song cassette for fred thomas's label, life like. i'm extremely honored to be working with one of my musical heroes. i'm hoping the tape comes out in early october as the leaves change along with the mindset of everyone we love.

the tape is called melting, and is an attempt to chronicle a change in the way i think. side a is made up of noisy soul-pop jams, while side b is more ambient, quieter, more underwater.

i will always be someone who examines myself and my psyche. i hope you all enjoy hearing the results.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


i've finally gotten everything set up here in asheville. the songs have been swooping out, and the actual second curtains record is nearly done. the ambient record i mentioned before was lost in a computer crash (i know, i need an external hard drive), so i pressed on and wrote a bunch of pop songs. i think this album is way better than forget, mostly because i let my ideas breathe, gave them time to develop and simmer instead of frantically trying to document them. not that i think the first record was bad; i don't think i could've made it any other way.

later this week i will post a new ep that sounds like it was recorded underwater by whales. in the meantime, here's an early version of a song that will be on the new record. it's based on a dream i had prior to moving.


if you get the chance, head over to www.skeletonkeyring.blogspot.com and check out my sporadically updated writings about my new life in asheville, north carolina. it's a weird and lovely city with weird and lovely people.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

i haven't died yet

hello everyone!

i'm so sorry it's been so long between blog posts. i will be updating way more often, je promis.

on july 5th, i played an amazing show with my good friends sunset and sleep good. both bands are amazingly talented and extremely wonderful people from austin, tx. rachel and i were incredibly happy to host them, and i was stoked (as always) to play with them. bill baird is a genius. my friend will patterson is a pop sensation. willis is the nicest dude you'll ever meet. john is pretty, easy to get along with, and a phenom on the drums. please go see them if they come to your city on tour. sunset and sleep good will be on tour for a few more weeks, then sunset hits the west coast with jesse woods. you will be so happy you saw any of these bands.

i will be putting up a recording bill made of my live set from the show on the 5th eventually, but technology has proven to be slightly frustrating.

in lieu of posting a live set, i'm posting a couple of songs for yall. the first song is a new demo of a song i wrote today, entitled "not dead yet." it's about moving on in certain ways. the version on the new record will be bigger and more orchestrated, but there's something very intimate and special about this demo. i hope you all like it.

not dead yet

the second is an ambient jam i made for an ambient/drone record i scrapped. two of the songs will appear on the new curtains record, others will either be reworked or just uploaded here as gifts to the wonderful folks who read this blog.

i recorded this song about 30 minutes after rachel and i got home from asheville, nc. we had a wonderful weekend getting to know our new home and drove back through some gorgeous conditions. on our way out of town, we saw the blue ridge mountain peaks shrouded in fog against a grey sky. it's hard to describe (especially without a photo), but it's an incredible sight. i wanted to capture it somehow, and i think i did an okay job with this particular song. if it doesn't remind of foggy mountains, at least it is somewhat pretty.

driving home

i'm going to figure how to upload this damn live set for you folks.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

trimming the fat

i have no idea who actually reads this, but here's some news:

i played drums at the alex chilton tribute show last week at cat's cradle! here's a photo:

the second curtains album is pretty much wrapped up. it's an ambient affair, consisting of songs made up of sample manipulation, synth distortion, and stacked vocal loops. when i get some more time and cd-rs, i'll put out a limited run of these, as well as another small run of forget.

there are some new songs that are coming together for the third curtains album, which is looking like more of a distorted soul-jams kinda thing. i'm in a weird zone here.

there are some shows coming up as well, the first of which is in richmond, va, with my pals white laces. more info on that very soon.

in the meantime, enjoy this demo version of "bad math."

Wednesday, May 26, 2010



the first few curtains shows have gone very well! thanks to (anyone that reads this blog) everyone that came out to nightlight, the green bean, or rachel's house for the party. as of right now, the next curtains show will be on july 6th at rachel's house with one of my favorite bands, sunset.

sunset is from austin, tx, and they make really, really great psych pop stuff. bill baird, the band leader, is an incredible songwriter and all around mad genius. you really, really need to come see this show.

for anyone waiting on a phsyical copy of forget, i apologize. they are coming soon. i have been scrambling to keep up with work at the studio, paying bills, and preparing to move, so taking time to sit down and create the packages has been falling by the wayside. rest assured, they will be rad and handmade to the bone.

there will be a couple new songs posted up here soon. one is an ambient piece called "driving home," and another is a cover of one of my favorite grandaddy songs. stay tuned.


Monday, May 10, 2010

some shows!

this friday i will be playing in greensboro at the green bean coffeehouse downtown. it is located on south elm street and looks like this:

then, on may 22nd, i will be playing this show. our friends white laces from richmond, va, are coming down to play this spectacular house show. there have been some amazing parties thrown in this house and this particular one will mark the second time i have played this house. it will be loud, fun, dancey, and probably fairly psychedelic. party's at versailles, 112 pine street.

i'll have physical copies of forget available at these shows, as well.

Friday, May 7, 2010

inaugural post

welcome to the curtains blog. i will be using this webspace to post new music, talk about old music, share photos and interesting things, and keep you hip to the happenings of curtains (shows, tours, releases).

i just released my first record as curtains, entitled "forget," this week. you can download it for free at my bandcamp site. in the coming week i will be putting together a limited run of 50 cdrs complete with cover art and lyrics sheet for those interested in obtaining a physical copy. if you live out of state and would like one, just email me at dashlewisyep@yahoo.com and we'll work it out. i hope you all enjoy the music. i look forward to sharing more of it with you.