Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

exciting times

as with all my updates, it's been too long.

exciting times are upon us, dear friends and lovers. i've been extremely busy with school and putting together power moves to remember to update this blog, but i'm waiting for the bus and figured now is as good a time as any.

first, curtains news:
it appears as though i will not have any vinyl out by the end of the year, as previously hoped for. however, there will be three special releases to tide you over until then, all you ravenous curtains fans. firstly, fred thomas's label, LIFELIKE, will be releasing the first curtains cassette, entitled melting. the cassette will be available sometime in november and is totally sweet. secondly, a cassette of two very early ambient jams i made will be released shortly after that on dark mom tapes. also, by the end of september, a split between curtains and chauvaque (finn cohen from the nein) will appear on bandcamp with some special surprises to go along with it.

secondly, other news:
DARK MOM TAPES! this is the name of the new label me and rachel will be running out of our apartment in asheville. the first four releases are rad and just about ready to go. for now, you can head over to dark mom tapes to check out what we have in store. many surprises are ahead!

finally, here's a jam to soak in: