Wednesday, May 26, 2010



the first few curtains shows have gone very well! thanks to (anyone that reads this blog) everyone that came out to nightlight, the green bean, or rachel's house for the party. as of right now, the next curtains show will be on july 6th at rachel's house with one of my favorite bands, sunset.

sunset is from austin, tx, and they make really, really great psych pop stuff. bill baird, the band leader, is an incredible songwriter and all around mad genius. you really, really need to come see this show.

for anyone waiting on a phsyical copy of forget, i apologize. they are coming soon. i have been scrambling to keep up with work at the studio, paying bills, and preparing to move, so taking time to sit down and create the packages has been falling by the wayside. rest assured, they will be rad and handmade to the bone.

there will be a couple new songs posted up here soon. one is an ambient piece called "driving home," and another is a cover of one of my favorite grandaddy songs. stay tuned.


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