Tuesday, August 17, 2010


i've finally gotten everything set up here in asheville. the songs have been swooping out, and the actual second curtains record is nearly done. the ambient record i mentioned before was lost in a computer crash (i know, i need an external hard drive), so i pressed on and wrote a bunch of pop songs. i think this album is way better than forget, mostly because i let my ideas breathe, gave them time to develop and simmer instead of frantically trying to document them. not that i think the first record was bad; i don't think i could've made it any other way.

later this week i will post a new ep that sounds like it was recorded underwater by whales. in the meantime, here's an early version of a song that will be on the new record. it's based on a dream i had prior to moving.


if you get the chance, head over to www.skeletonkeyring.blogspot.com and check out my sporadically updated writings about my new life in asheville, north carolina. it's a weird and lovely city with weird and lovely people.


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