Monday, January 17, 2011

practice makes perfect

i practiced really hard for the show i played on saturday night. it was my first show in four months and i was (understandably) very nervous. i practiced and practiced and practiced, probably to the chagrin of my downstairs neighbors. i recorded each practice and culled together the best moments of those sessions. these versions of the songs are super different from the record versions, which i think keeps the songs fresh and interesting. deconstructing and reconstructing your own songs reveals new things about them you never would have thought about.

anyway, here's a little ep of those jams.
equipment used: line 6 loop pedal, danelectro octave pedal, tambourine, egg shaker, glockenspiel. i think you can hear the dog barking in the first track, too.

1. puddles/don't you worry
2. pink cadillac
3. xmas lights
4. no more sleep


curtains - practice tape ep

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