Monday, August 29, 2011

now call down your dark and your cold and be damned

so here's some news:

there are at least three shows i'll be a part of in beautiful asheville, nc in the coming weeks/months.

on september 8th, i'll be playing at the get down in west asheville with these bands:
the rice cakes (providence, ri) -

on september 12, i'll be playing at the wedge in the river arts district with:
arches (philly, pa) -
and maybe someone else from someplace else

and on october 22, i'll be at the grey eagle jamming with:
if you wannas (avl, nc) -

i'm pretty stoked and i think you should be too.

additionally, i've been hard at work at a new record, which is still unnamed at the moment. there are about 8 songs done so far and a few more that are simmering, ready to become full and happy.

also, once the artwork is done, i'll be putting out a couple solo tapes by the members of one of my favorite bands, city center. both are gorgeous washes of noise and melody, certain to please your ears. what's more, i did the b-side remix of the patient to patient tape. killer!

if you read this blog and live in asheville or nc or anywhere, i hope to see you soon. there are shows in lexington, ky and athens, ga on the horizon as well, so we'll meet soon.

love all of you.