Thursday, October 6, 2011

abandoned high school

hey there!

so there's more news now to share with you fine folks who read this blog. i've been recording a lot lately, so the new record is even closer to completion than ever. still untitled, but this record fits together better than anything i've done up to this point. i'm really excited about it.

there may be an announcement soonish regarding my second record, "skeleton keys." you may get to hear it soon!

okay, so here are some show dates:

tomorrow, october 7th, i will be driving straight from sylva back to asheville, setting up my gear on campus, and playing about an hour and a half of music both ambient and not ambient somewhere around unca's quad. i'm participating in "musicircus," which is part of a weekend-long tribute to john cage, sponsored by the black mountain college + art museum. more info on the program is here.

also, here's a description of musicircus:

"The first Musicircus was performed in 1967 at the University of Illinois. The idea was to extend an open invitation to musicians of all types and skill levels to perform simultaneously whatever music in whatever location they chose within a designated territory during a specific time period. The various chance encounters of different musical performances and environmental events create a unique happening that is specific to each time and place."

a week from tomorrow, i'll be playing at my friend matthew sherwood's new music store for his grand opening party! i'm stoked beyond stoked for this. here's a link to the facebook event page: also playing are electric owls and ice cream. i think there's links to all the band pages on the event invite.

then, a week after that, i'll be playing a free show at the grey eagle here in asheville. also jamming that night is the incredible joshua carpenter and local heroes the if you wannas. also, that show is totally free.

on another note, if you've got the boards of canada blues, i highly recommend this jam:
tycho - dive

stuttering, broken beats nudge analog synth tones in and out of focus. it's really good.

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