Thursday, January 12, 2012

forget the physical

the wonderful folks at residual stacks are putting out my first record, forget on cassette! i'm really stoked to finally have physical copies of this jam. ordering info and everything will be posted soon.

in other news:

-the newest record is totally close to completion. i have a couple more songs to finalize, and then plans will be made to share it with all of you. i think this may be the best thing i've worked on thus far.

-my live setup has changed significantly with the addition of a sampler, a synth, and this amazing piece of gear:

it fucking rules. i'm spending a lot of time re-learning arrangements and songs i couldn't play before, so the curtains live show will become a completely new beast.

-rachel and i are performing a piece entitled "gardening" next weekend as part of the asheville fringe festival. it's an audio/visual combination that is meant to explore the relationship between the organic and the technological. our performances will be jan. 20 and 21st at the black mountain college museum in downtown asheville. if you're in the area, please stop in and zone out!

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