Saturday, April 28, 2012

austin - day 1

on thursday we landed in austin. bill picked us up and started us on the road to good vibes. we talked about his new baby and how raising a child is beautiful and mindblowing (i don't have a kid, but am fascinated by them) while rolling into town in search of coffee and food. austin was a good 30 degrees hotter than our fair mountain city of asheville, so my flannel and boots were a  bit inappropriate.

after coffee we went to drop our stuff at our little rental house, then bill took us over to wheatsville coop where we bought some groceries and had the most bangin vegan mac and cheese of life.

we got ourselves settled for a spell at the house, decompressing from travel and then decided to bike over to baby blue (bill's studio) and jesse's house over on cotton street. we were too early to catch bill, but jesse's proved to be an excellent time.

i told the cat to "put em on the glass." 

texas bugs

east side pies. amanda and chris got in shortly after we made it to jesse's, so they biked over and met us. we walked down to the corner store and got beers, then walked another block up to east side pies to chill and swill. while we munched on pizza, thor harris (swans, shearwater, bill callahan) sat with some friends and played clarinet. it was weird and awesome. the pizza was good.

art at cotton house.

explanation of art.

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