Saturday, April 28, 2012

austin day 2

we all woke up in good spirits, excited to see what the day would bring. after a lengthy time of getting ready, fixing bikes, and misreading directions, we all ended up at cafe medici on west lynn to visit jesse and get caffeinated. after kicking it for a bit in the cafe, we walked across the street and ate at zocalo, which had the most mindblowing queso. we stuffed ourselves significantly, hopped back on the bikes, and headed through downtown to check out the capital building.

i was really stoked to see the architecture of the building and get a (small) sense of texan history, but i really wanted to check out the basement. on day 1 when rachel and i were reposing at jesse's house, he played us a song that he and his band holy boats recorded in that space. the natural reverb was heavenly (there's like an 8 second decay), so i really wanted to hear my own voice drowned in all that echo. we stayed down there for a good ten minutes, singing songs and trying to remember other songs, marveling at how beautiful it sounds. i really wanted to record something, but a voicemail would not have done it justice.

after the capital building, we hopped back on our bikes and cruised back home to get ready for night 1 of the psych fest.

parking the bike on the capital grounds.
 l-r: raerae, amanda, chris.
 texas rotunda. chris: "i think this rotunda is lopsided. it's almost as though texas has a lack of perspective." 
excellent art in our little house. 
excellent art at the bus stop. 

we finally met our other north carolinian friends, ben and genevieve, during holy wave's set in the early evening. i didn't take that many photos (that looked remotely cool) during the music, but i'll try tonight. it was really awesome seeing ben and gen again without the context of chapel hill or north carolina. it's nice to know when you have a true friendship with someone.

 lotus plaza at the beauty ballroom.
sun araw from above.

more tomorrow, friends.

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